"5 by Paco Pérez“ is the first project of star-rated Catalonian Chef Paco Pérez outside of Spain. “Cinco”, which means five in Spanish, tickles all five senses. During a spectacular dinner you will experience the five senses: seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling. „5“ symbolises the five fingers on a hand and therefore a result of a perfect craftsmanship as well. Our menu is a culinary extension of Paco Pérez‘s Spanish two-star restaurant „Miramar“ where he became world famous in the culinary world. Particularly impressive are the avant-garde tasting menus, reaching up to 25 courses. Each of the small dishes is an interaction of products, textures, aromas and tastes.


Drakestraße 1 Nähe Tiergarten

Payment Types:


Average Price:

€51 and over

Working Hours:

Tue–Sat 18:30–22:00


Cinco by Paco Pérez