Take your business to the next level

Single platform for all your needs

More than 750 member restaurants

More than 100,000 seated diners

Fill your tables

Take reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within a few minutes, youll be ready to accept reservations online. The system automatically confirms and reminds guests, so you dont have to. Keep track of your entire floor at a glance to ensure your service is moving at the right speed. Maximize table availability by controlling your pacing and turn times, so you’re always running at full capacity. Leverage table combinations and flexible seating to make room for large parties.


Replaces Your Pen-and-Paper Reservation Book

Table inventory is traditionally tracked in pen-and-paper book where guest preferences are stored in margins of reservation the book or manager’s memory. By using our state-of-art technology, you can keep your guests coming back for more. Build your growing guest database with notes and histories to provide a special experience for every diner.

Increase customer satisfaction

Happy diners create profitable restaurants. Reztoran allows you to treat every guest like a VIP. Keep track of dining preferences, allergies, special occasions, and more. Bring your guests back to your business by creating targeted lists and exporting them to your favorite marketing tools.


Convert every customer into regulars

Advanced tools built to fill your tables

Choose a reservation system that believes that your guests are yours and manages all your needs in a single platform. All we want to do is make your life easier as the owner or the manager of a successfull business. Every restaurant has a dedicated account manager and support line. We treat support as a priority for all of our customers, not just for select high value customers.

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