You Can Earn RezPara In Every Reservation

You will love dining out with Reztoran

Thanks to our all-new Loyalty Program, you can earn "RezPara" with every online reservation that you attend

How do I collect RezPara?

You first need to sign-up to Reztoran. You will then be instantly rewarded with 10TL worth of RezPara as a Welcome Bonus. You will also be rewarded 5TL worth of RezPara for every reservation you make online (on or Reztoran mobile apps) and attend. Please make sure that you logged in while you make your reservation.

How do I spend my Rezpara?

In order to start spending RezPara, you will first need to collect at least 50TL worth of RezPara. RezPara could be spent in 50TL or multiples at qualified restaurants only. Qualified restaurants have RezPara icon on their profile. Please input the amount of RezPara you want to spend while making an online reservation. You and the restaurant will receive an email and SMS confirmation with the amount you plan to spend. Your RezPara will be deducted from your final bill at the participating restaurant.

At which restaurants can I earn RezPara?

You can earn RezPara with every online reservation through or Reztoran mobile apps regardless of the restaurant you booked at.

At which restaurants can I spend RezPara?

RezPara could only be spent at qualified restaurants which has RezPara icon on their profile. Please dont forget to input the amount of RezPara you want to spend while making the online reservation.

I made my booking through the call center, can I earn RezPara?

No. You can only earn RezPara with online reservations through or Reztoran mobile apps while you are logged in.

I walked in to a qualified restaurant without a reservation, can I request to spend my RezPara?

No. You need to make online reservation through or mobile apps and specify the RezPara amount you will spend during the reservation.

I made my reservation but forgot to input the amount of RezPara I wanted to spend.

Please cancel your reservation and book online again.

I attended my reservation but my account has not yet been credited.

Your account will only be credited when the member restaurant confirms your attendence. This could take approximately 7-15 days depending on the restaurant.

Why cant my account credited instantly?

The member restaurant has to confirm your attendence. Please dont forget to tell the front desk when you arrive the restaurant. As soon as restaurant confirms your attendence, we credit your account instantly.

I made a reservation without signing up or logging in. Can I earn RezPara?

No. You need to sign up first in order to start earning RezPara. You then need to make your reservations while you are logged in to Reztoran. Otherwise you wont be able to earn Rezpara.

Some of my Rezpara dissappeared, why did this happened?

The Rezpara that you don’t use within 12months is automatically deleted from your account.

I have another account, can I merge my RezPara from both accounts?

No you cannot merge accounts or combine with other campaigns.